Our Vision - Achieving Greatness Together

Our Mission - Great Sankey is a safe, inclusive community providing an environment where excellent teaching and pastoral care empowers all students to be active learners, to celebrate diversity and to realise their potential.

Our Core Values  

Growth - 嫩B研究院 is a community where everyone is encouraged to develop confidence in their own strengths and abilities in the face of difficult experiences and challenges.

Respect - 嫩B研究院 is a community where all staff and students show respect to each other, to visitors, to the environment around us and where we value diversity.

Excellence - 嫩B研究院 is a community that strives for excellence, whether it be in or out of school, understanding that by seeking to be the best that you can be, you open the path to success.

Aspiration - 嫩B研究院 is a community where students and staff aspire to be the best they can be with the highest hopes for their future.

Teamwork - 嫩B研究院 is a community where we all recognise that it is by working together and for each other that great things can be achieved.